Adding Another Room to my House

Adding Another Room to my House

I am aware that your company deals with some specific forms of renovation, I was just curious if you had any experience in the addition of another room to a house?


Our basement is pretty open concept so I think it would be perfect for adding some divisions to add a bedroom or two.


Just wondering, thank you.


By Luna Interiors Ltd
Thank you for contacting the Luna Interiors team with your question about adding another room to your home.
Our company has completed similar basement renovation projects in the past where we have added other rooms to homes such as bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, laundry room, etc.
In this case those extra rooms may be created by building partition walls in the desired location, creating necessary door openings, and other work required depending of course on the existing conditions of your basement and renovation project specifications.    
We definitely help you with adding another room in your home, all you would need to do is conteact a member of a team to book an appointment with us.
During your free consultation with us we will go over all the details of the project to make sure everything is completed to your exact instructions.
We look forward to assisting you with your renovation project! 

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