Basement Bar Renovation

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Basement Bar Renovation

I was wondering how much something like a basement bar renovation would cost?


Also, do you have any examples of bar renovations or installations you have done in the past?


Thank you.



By Luna Interiors Ltd

Since our millwork (like that done for basement bars) is fully customized, pricing an item is quite difficult if we don’t know its size, finishes and materials. 


If you are looking on getting an existing bar renovated or refaced we would need to know the state that the bar itself is currently in to be able to offer you a price based on the work required. 


In the past we have done several custom basement bars and pricing ranges from $ 5,000 to 25,000 approximately. 

We have attached images of the kinds of basement bar renovations we have completed in the past.
You can also visit the Luna Interiors online gallery for more examples of the kind of renovation and millwork services we have to offer. 
Please contact us with more information about the basement bar renovation you have in mind and we’ll be pleased to quote your renovation project.

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Basement bar renovations
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amazing bar renovation. i would love a bar in my basement
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