Built in Microwave and Oven Combination

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Built in Microwave and Oven Combination
Built in Microwave and Oven Combination

I want to slowly redo my entire kitchen by adding new built in appliances throughout. Do I need to have all the appliances done at once or can they be done one at a time?


Right now I am interested in the built in oven option.


Do you offer packages for adding more appliances at once? 



By Luna Interiors Ltd
Hello Maria,
Thank you for taking the time to submit your question to the Luna Interiors team.
Adding an oven and microwave combination tower to your kitchen is a great idea especially if you want to achieve a modern look and better functionality.
You can definitely you count on our team to get your dream kitchen, it will be built just as you wish, fully customized!
Please visit our website for some samples of kitchen cabinetry or built in microwave and oven combination options.
Here is an example of the kind of previous work you will find in our online gallery:
built in microwave and oven combination
Feel free to give our office a call as well to book a free consultation!
Any pricing and quotes will be offered to you at the time of your consultation with us.
microwave and oven combination
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Thank you for submitting this question. its becoming more popular
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4 years ago
looks amazing! Thank you for replying to my submission
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