Built in Oven Toronto

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Built in Oven Toronto
Built in Oven Toronto

I want to slowly redo my entire kitchen by adding new built in appliances throughout. Do I need to have all the appliances done at once or can they be done one at a time?


Right now I am interested in the built in oven option.


Do you offer packages for adding more appliances at once? 



By Luna Interiors Ltd
Hello RHamilton,
Thank you for reaching out to the Luna Interiors team with your question regarding built in ovens and kitchen renovations. 
 Since you are planning to redo your entire kitchen, it should be done at once to avoid higher costs and technical difficulties.
In order to create a cabinetry for built-in appliances there are specifications required as appliance’s brand, model and size. 
Our team can definitely offer a package price depending on quantity of work.
Contact our Toronto based office/showroom today for details. 
Here are some examples of the full kitchen renovations completed by our team in the past. (Including the built in oven option) 
built in oven toronto
built in oven toronto
built in oven toronto
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Contact Us today to learn more about the installing a built in oven in your kitchen
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Thank you, we are glad you like the kind of work we do. Remember to visit the Luna Interiors online image gallery for more kitchen ideas and built in oven inspiration!
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4 years ago
everything looks so nice