Built in TV Wall Unit Toronto

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Built in TV Wall Unit Toronto
Built in TV Wall Unit Toronto

I recently purchased a condo in Toronto, it’s very modern, but very tiny. I am looking for ways to get the most out of the space I do have and was wondering if adding a built in Tv wall unit would help. I guess your team would need to come in and have a look at the apartment to get a better idea, but is this something your team has worked on?


I don’t know if this would be a good option for someone in a condo, that’s why I am asking.


Thank you. 



By Luna Interiors Ltd
Hi there Ms.Campbell,
Thank you for contacting the Luna Interiors team with your question regarding built in wall tv units.
Our Toronto based millwork and renovations company has completed renovation work in numerous condos in the past, and from experience the addition of a tv wall unit offers a great choice when it comes to both wanting to save space and in attaining a nice sleek modern look. 
Here are is another example of a built in wall Tv unit we had the opportunity to add to a home:
built in tv wall unit toronto
Feel free to also visit our online project gallery for more examples or click here for more inspiration.
Please contact us to schedule a visit to your condo in order to take measurements and exchange ideas about your wall unit configuration.
Based on the measurements and your specifications, a design will be created to match your existing interior. We will then submit this to you for your approval.
I hope this has helped to answer your question about built in wall tv units and the services we have to provide.
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Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate receiving this kind of input
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Contact a member of the Luna Interiors team today for more details about the renovation options available to you.