Commercial Office Space Renovation Toronto

By Mark
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Commercial Office Space Renovation Toronto
Commercial Office Space Renovation Toronto

My current Toronto office space is in need of some renovating, I am in the process of researching my options in terms of materials and services.


Based on what I’ve seen on your website, I really like the work you've completed in the past.


What are some of my options in terms of materials and estimates?


Do I need to come in for a consultation to have all this planned out?

Thank you. 


By Luna Interiors Ltd
Hello Mark,
Thank you for contacting us with your office space renovation question.

In Order to be able to provide an estimate we need to know the exact scope of the work that needs to be done in the space, as well as the kinds of materials that will be needed to complete the renovation project.


Our Toronto based showroom is a convenient location where we meet with most of our clients. This allows us to better assess the amount of work that can be done, the materials that we will be using based on your needs, as well as set time lines for the project alongside an estimate. 


If a designers drawing is provided to us at the time of seeking a quote, we would be more than happy to discuss an estimate for the renovation project based on the drawings, as long as all specifications and material specs are included

Here are some example of the office space renovation projects we have had in the past:
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Commercial Office Space Renovations Toronto
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Office Space renovations Toronto
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Commercial Space renovations Toronto
Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any further questions regarding the renovation process, and remember that our Toronto based show room is available so that you may have a look at the materials and products we have to offer.
Thanks again for your inquiry. 
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5 years ago
love it, you guys do such awesome work
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5 years ago
thanks for the answers.
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5 years ago
It's always good when business owners take the time to take the clients specific needs and wants into consideration. Some companies just tell you what the industry standard is and you're just supposed to smile and nod.
Reply by Luna Interiors Ltd
5 years ago
Thank you! We always strive to keep all our clients happy.