Complete Condo Renovation Toronto

Complete Condo Renovation Toronto


I moved into my Toronto condo about 2 years ago and although the condo is brand new, there are some changes I would like to make to the living room, bedroom and long would  complete renovation of my condo roughly take?


By Luna Interiors Ltd
Hi there and thank you for taking the time to submit a question to the Luna Interiors team!
Something like a complete condo renovation and the time it can take to complete can vary greatly.

Minor changes can be made just a couple of weeks but if you are planning to reconfigure the mentioned areas in your condo the time of renovation may be longer depending on amount of work that needs to be completed.


Some other factors to keep in mind, and that could add more time to the renovation process include the addition of new custom cabinetry.

Attached are some images of a condo renovation we completed to offer some inspiration and to give you an idea of the kind of work we do.
  1. The first image includes a completely renovated bathroom
  2. The second is of the same bathroom. This one displays a custom made vanity dresser and corner closet organizer.
  3. The third image is of the renovated dining room area in the condo.
  4. The fourth is of the renovated foyer and hallway area.
  5. The fifth displays the kitchen cabinets that we refaced.
  6. The sixth image is of the same refaced kitchen cabinets
  7.  Renovated condo living room area. The free space was used up as an office area in the living room.
  8. The eighth picture is of the living room from another angle. It displays the open concept renovation that was applied to this particular space.
I hope these images have offered you some idea of the kind of work we can do. Everyone has different needs when it comes to something like a complete condo renovation, but we are here to help.
Just call us and book a free consultation. We will help you bring your renovation to completion by sitting down with you and discussing every last detail.
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I am interested in a complete bed reno for my condo, would i just be contacting your office for a consultation? Or can i just stop by to see the showroom?
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