Custom Bathroom Vanities Toronto

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Custom Bathroom Vanities Toronto
Custom Bathroom Vanities Toronto

My husband and I have been debating for some time now whether or not to renovate the bathroom, and we have decided to start by changing the look of the bathroom vanity.


I am very interested in the vanity tops with double sinks.


Is this something your company can help me with?


What are some of the bathroom vanity trends in Toronto right now?



By Luna Interiors Ltd
Hello Spring!
Thank you for your question to us regarding custom bathroom vanities.

Today bathroom vanity trends are more variable than ever, it very much depends on the interior look that you would like to achieve. They can go from a very modern look to a classic contemporary one.


The idea of a double sink vanity is very practical for a master bathroom since it will optimize your space and create a great storage area. There are many different designs to choose from or we can create a custom vanity that fits for your needs.


 The counter top can be built from natural stones such as granite, marble, quartz or a more economic alternative such as artificial solid surfaces like corian, mega-nite and Formica.

Here are some examples of bathroom vanities we have worked on in the past:
Custom Bathroom Vanities Toronto
Custom Bathroom Vanities Toronto
I hope this has helped!
Remember to visit our website for more information about the custom vanities we have worked on or to book a free consultation!
Luna Interiors services Toronto and the surrounding area for your convenience! 
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last year
so elegant, this is the kind of look i want for my bathroom!
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Also visit the Toronto based Luna Interiors showroom for more custom bathroom vanity ideas!
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last year
Thanks for your comment, custom bathroom vanities are becoming a more popular bathroom renovation
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wow, the more i read about the kind of work your company does the more I love it! These custom vanities look awesome!