Custom Kitchen Island Toronto

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Custom Kitchen Island Toronto
Custom Kitchen Island Toronto

I am looking for some custom kitchen island designs before I start the renovation process in my kitchen. I want my kitchen to have more of a modern look, it has been the same for some time.

Do you have any examples of some of the custom work you have done in the past with kitchen islands?

Do you work exclusively in the Toronto area or the GTA as well?


Thank you!



By Luna Interiors Ltd
Hi there Pixie,
Thank you for your question to us regarding custom made kitchen island Designs.

To achieve a more modern look in your kitchen, the addition of an island is a great idea but it is also very important to keep in mind the shape, design and materials you choose.


There are materials such as high gloss and thermo structured surfaces in different colours and textures that can give a very modern and sophisticated look to any kitchen cabinetry, without mentioning the easy cleaning and maintenance.


Another detail that enhances the final look of any custom kitchen island design is the installation of the right hardware, in this case I’ll suggest straight lines or glass constructed handles.

Here are some examples of the kinds of custom kitchen island designs we have worked on in the past:
Custom kitchen Island Toronto
Custom Kitchen Island Toronto
I hope this was helpful!
Our showroom and head office is located in Mississauga but we service Toronto and the surrounding area for your convenience.
Please feel free to contact Luna Interiors if you're looking for more details about the services we provide.
Custom Kitchen Islands
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10 months ago
❤️ great work. love it
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last year
wow! so lovely
Reply by Luna Interiors
last year
Thank you :)
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last year
Reply by Luna Interiors
last year
We are so glad you like the kind of custom work completed by our team. :) thank you for leaving us a nice comment
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There is more information about our custom kitchen islands available on our main website, remember to also visit our toronto based show room for more ideas.
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last year
Thank you for the positive comments everyone! Please feel free to visit the Luna interiors website for more custom kitchen island ideas!
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last year
I love the images, takes a talented person to create a space like that.
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Awesome designs!