Fast Home Renovations Toronto

Fast Home Renovations Toronto


How long does a home renovation usually take. I just want to start renovating 2 of my bathrooms.


Any info would be awesome.


Thank you! 


By Luna Interiors Ltd
Hi there and thank you for reaching out to the Luna Interiors team with your inquiry.
At Luna Interiors we specialize in custom millwork and home renovations and have completed multiple full home renovations. 
Bathroom renovations tend to be the main area of interest to start the renovation process.
If your bathrooms will be renovated simultaneously and assuming that both will be a full renovation, an estimated construction time will be around 3 weeks,
For something like fast home renovations it will all depend on the scope of the project and the level of work needed to be completed. 
Alternatively, if you are planning to get them renovated individually please allow 2 weeks per bathroom.
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3 years ago
very nice pictures, i am thinking of stopping in for a look at the showroom
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3 years ago
🏠 awesome home renovations. love it
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