Kitchen Renovation Materials Toronto

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Kitchen Renovation Materials Toronto
Hi there,
I am in search of the perfect materials to start my home renovation. I plan to start with my kitchen and am still shopping around for the right materials.
Does your company offer the option of viewing materials in a showroom to see if the colours and materials will work well in my kitchen? It is important to me to do the proper research and find the perfect match for my kitchen renovation.
Thank you


By Luna Interiors Ltd
Yes, at Luna Interiors we offer a wide variety of Kitchen renovation materials that will allow for just the right level of customization. 
Our showroom is equipped with a variety of cabinet designs, doors, drawers and handles in different materials and finishes to chose from. At Luna Interiors we know how important it is to take the time in choosing the right materials.
Examples of the kind of work we have done in the past can also be found on our website, here you will be able to benefit from viewing the kind's of materials used and be able to get an idea of what it may look like in your own kitchen.
Please feel free to contact us directly or visit us at your convenience to discuss the material options available for a kitchen renovation.
Luna Interior services Toronto and the surrounding area and our hours of operation are the following:
Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM.
Thank you.
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4 years ago
good to know
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5 years ago
Thank you for the prompt response! I will definitely be looking into taking a visit to your showroom to get a better idea of what my options are in terms of materials. I'm just going by the pictures on your website, which are stunning. I can't wait to see what you have available at your showroom.
Reply by Luna Interiors Ltd
5 years ago
No Problem, we are always here to assist you with any questions you may have. Visiting our showroom is an excellent idea, we have a different array of materials to choose from. We guarantee that you will love the kitchen renovation process with our help.