Modern Bathroom Vanities Toronto

Modern Bathroom Vanities Toronto
Modern Bathroom Vanities Toronto

I am tired of the look of my bathroom, it has not been renovated, or updated in over 10 years! I really love the modern look of some of these built in bathroom vanities and I was hoping your company could help me out.


Do I need to provide your team with pictures of how I am looking to have the bathroom vanity redesigned or do you offer some ideas? Any help would be great!


Thank you. 



By Luna Interiors Ltd

Hello Jonathan,


Thank you for your question regarding modern bathroom vanities.


If you already have an idea of what you would like your bathroom vanity to look like, and are able to provide us with photos and or drawings of the desired look then we would be able to start the project that much sooner,


If you don't have access to any photos or drawings we could create a modern design based on the space available in your home and your specifications.


Here are some examples of the modern bathroom vanities we have worked on in the past:


modern bathroom vanities toronto

modern bathroom vanities toronto


More examples of bathroom vanities and other renovation projects can be found in the Luna Interiors online gallery.


Feel free to give our Toronto based office a call and schedule an appointment. During your appointment with our team will go into further details about your ideas for your bathroom renovation project.

I hope this has helped to answer your question! We look forward to helping you in creating the modern bathroom you are looking for.
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yes it's becoming very popular! thank you
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4 years ago
love the modern look
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