Walk in Closet Renovations

Walk in Closet Renovations
Walk in Closet Renovations

I am interested in having a walk in closet added to my bedroom but I have no idea whether not a walk in closet renovation is even possible in my space.


Can I have a member of your renovations team have a look at my bedroom to see if I can have the walk in closet added before the renovation project is started?




By Luna Interiors Ltd
Thank you for your question regarding walk-in closet renovations.
Walk in closets are definitely something we have worked on in the past.
Give our team a call to schedule an appointment and we would be more than happy to evaluate your bedroom space to determine whether or not a walk in closet can be added.
If for instance there isn't enough room available to add a walk in closet, we would be  able to offer other options like certain built in closets that don't require that much  space. 
I hope this has helped to answer your question. Feel free to visit our online gallery for a glimpse of the kind of renovation projects we have completed in the past pr for more renovation inspiration!
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4 years ago
looks so nicely organized!
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