What Kind of Laminate Should I buy?

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What Kind of Laminate Should I buy?


What Kind of Laminate Should I Buy?


Hi Luna Interiors!


I love the kind of work I'm seeing on your website gallery.


I noticed that it states that your company works with different types of laminates, does that include laminate for flooring?


What kind of laminate do you recommend I use for my floor when considering renovation?

Thank you. 


By Luna Interiors Ltd
Hi there,
Thank you for your question to us regarding laminate flooring for your renovation.

There are many types of laminate flooring, some are used for residential (low traffic areas) such as homes and apartments; others for commercial (high traffic areas) like stores and offices.


The differences between them are the quality on materials and composition such as texture, shapes, layers and thickness. (thicker planks are more durable).


Each flooring type has specifications regarding its features and recommended usage. There are many categories, colors and styles to choose from.


The most important things to take into consideration when choosing the right floor for your home are your personal taste, practicality and the amount of traffic that will receive the area.

Here is an example of a renovation our Luna Interiors Team completed, a fully renovated interior including flooring, millwork and painting.
What Kind of Laminate Should I buy?
I hope this has helped answer your question, remember that we have a show room available for viewing to help with the right selection of laminate flooring for your renovation. Also, feel free to contact us for a free consultation!
Thank you!
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Remember to contact the team at Luna Interiors for more information about the services we provide
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interesting thank you for sharing
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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I appreciate the detailed answer, it has been very helpful! and the picture of the renovation completed is amazing!
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No problem remember to visit the Luna Interiors website for more info!
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Thank you again for your question.